We are combining the essence of two brands you know and love, Fabrik Store and First Light, into one holistic brand that embraces the ethical and sustainable approach we have always stood for.

After 15 years of releasing slow fashion under Fabrik Store, we ventured on a new journey with the creation of First Light in 2022. We fell in love with the art of crafting unique scents that aimed to inspire, and are excited to embark on a holistic approach to this with Studio Sol.

A new chapter is being written and it’s one with the sun. Say hello to Studio Sol.

This (re)birth seeks to craft homewares and slow fashion that resonate with a need for our possessions to be timeless, and a commitment to slow, quality craftsmanship.

At the heart of this new journey is a dedication to creating pieces that transcend functionality and stay with you for life.

In a world that often prioritises speed, we remain at the grace of creating slow in a labour of love, founded on a collaborative design process where each material is considered to ensure it stands the test of time.

We hope our broad range of curated homewares and fashion align with the conscious choice to tread lightly and truly enjoy the products we create.

We invite you to invest in pieces that tell a story, and align with the lifestyle that you have created for yourself.

We are here to guide you toward the sun and redefine the way you curate your home and your wardrobe with Studio Sol.

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