Our Curation of Scents

Our Curation of Scents

First Light scent have been carefully curated to enlighten a moment of clam in the busy haze of daily life.

We currently offer six scents to create ambiance in your space with the light of a match, ranging from the perfect gift that anyone would adore, to thoughtfully crafted scents with depth and unique combinations.

All First Light scents are structured with top notes of lightness, notes for the heart of the scent, and bottom notes to create the core of a good scent.


With the First Light of each new day, welcome in beauty, peace and noticing those little things - a scent with a bold base, warm heart and earthy notes.

Shop New Dawn.


A romantic blend of soft florals with a citrus & woods base for a balanced scent inspired by overgrown gardens and fresh roses after rain.

Shop Midnight Rose.


The perfect all season scent to honour the rituals of our everyday, from steaming cups of tea in-between warm sheets to watching clouds pass and change.

Shop Opal Mist.


Crafted for those who like to watch the sunset linger, a combination of sweet notes with rich vetiver undertones and violet at the heart of it all.

Shop Violette Dusk.


A scent that feels as calm as it does unique, crafted from complex notes inspired by simple moments of magic in the everyday.

Shop Tokyo Moon.


An ode to heavenly summer days drenched in sunlight and those sunsets that make you stare at the sky in awe, feeling grateful to have this life.

Shop Golden Hour.

Find the scent for your First Light.

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