A Memory of Scent

A Memory of Scent

When it comes to the creation of First Light, it was always about creating a feeling rather than a product. For me, scents are such a powerful way to allow us to feel, and I wanted First Light to be an embodiment of the beautiful moments that we have.

My love of scents began with my grandparents. The overwhelming scent of an untamed sweetpea climbing up my grandmother's garage wall and the concoctions of scents I used to create from my grandfather's market garden. 

Scents can reignite memories we forgot we even had, remind us of loved people & places, and even change our mood. They have such a power over us. When curating our first six scents, it was the simple moments from my childhood that I kept coming back to.

First Light harnesses this to awaken that feeling inside of us when we feel grateful for who and where we are, and who we are with.

I hope you find the same comfort in these scents that creating them brought me, and are inspired by their raw and balanced fragrances to recall moments from your own childhood - a collection of favourite places, people and things.

With love,


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